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    Responsive won't show




      I have this simple animation with a background image (a landscape) and an object animating on top (the sun).  The whole animation is assigned a "click" action. That's it.


      Now, I wanted to make this more responsive, so I changed the Width and Height values of the background image and also set the Min Width - all to 100%. Max Width is "none" by default.


      The "Layout preset" for the Background image was changed to "scale size" so when I resize the browser window the image gets resized with it and its proportions are kept intact. The Sun image was also set to the same values as the Background image (I haven't figured out how to scale the Sun with the Background image, btw!).


      When I import this into Wordpress via the Edge Animate plug-in, the animation doesn't even show up on the page anymore.


      Previewing it from within Egde Animate works fine, but something happens in WP. I've tried to set all the corresponding files permissions in the Wordpress Upload folder to 777 via FTP, but to no avail. It's kinda strange, this is.


      Another strange thing has occured: when I go into the "code mode" in the WP where the shortcode resides, I see that WP has somehow added this code to the regular EA shortcode:


      <noscript>&amp;lt;a attid="9424" href="http://www.nordicgreen.se/teckna-avtal/"&amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt; &amp;lt;div id="Stage" style="background-image:url('http://www.nordicgreen.se/teckna-avtal/" img src="http://www.nordicgreen.se/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/bli_elkund_replacement_1.png')"</noscript><a href="http://www.nordicgreen.se/teckna-avtal/">[edge_animation id="14" left="0" top="-72"]</a>


      How is this possible? When I delete everthing but the EA shortcode, nothing shows at all on the page. Could this be the problem?



      Any help would be appreciated!