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    Major display issue after upgrade to 6.0.2

    stretchdavea Level 1

      I Had held off upgrading as I was in mid project, HOWEVER I had major project bloat issues(projects jumping from under 200 meg to over 7gb in size!!!). So....

      Upgraded to 6.0.2 as suggested. After certain fade & blur titles I am left with either a blank programme monitor or this!  Second time this has happened in an hour and I bet it will happen again.

      Bloat seems to be fixed, shame I can't see what I am editing!  The only way to restore picture is a restart. Great. All I want to do is EDIT!!!!


      Any body else?


      Mac Book Pro latest -16 gig ram etc etc

      error occurs after playing over graphic title that fades and blurs(gaussian)


      Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 11.59.57.png