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    Dose SWF lose any quality

    shery gemy

      Hi All,

      working in animation project to be broadcasted on a TV channel as HD1080 50i,

      1- all the animation layers was rendered from TOONBOOM as .SWF to keep it in vector for compositing issue.

      • Dose SWF lose any quality? we always use TGA sequence with alpha in our past SD projects but now we found SWF is a smaller file size and allows zooming Because it keeps all vector lines.

      many thanks,


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          moccamaximum Level 5

          Flash allows to tinker with the Quality output and to activate Deblocking and Compression Algorithm, but it is definitively no lossless format. Don`t know anything about the export options of toonboom. Also: when scaling vector based content there are 4 different settings for outlines that can get messy to handle when imported in other programms, so it comes with caveats.

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