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    Zoom more than 300%


      Hi there.


      I need the transform effect to go beyond the 300% in scaling. I don´t mean the motion effect that comes with every clip, I mean the Transform effect that you can find under the Distort category.


      My project has like 12 video layers all re-sized and cropped, some of them nested, to form some kind of videowall. My camera is zooming in and out and flying all over. To do that I created an adjusment layer and placed it all over the whole timeline. I apply then the transform effect to it and then I can move it all over like a flying camera. The problem is that the scale effect only reaches 300% but I need to go much more closer. I tried to create another adjusment layer on top of the previous one and it works as long as I don´t set any keyframe. If I try to animate the scale in, premier starts doing strange things.


      It is a really heavy, long form project, with videos of all kind: RED 4K, 5K, 5D and assorted Canon cameras, motion graphics and texts. So far Premiere handles everything pretty well, hardly any render to do, but when trying to key the additional adjustment layer it just does not work and won´t get animated at all.


      Is there any other way to zoom in closer?


      My pc specs:


      Windows 7 64 bit, all updated

      Premiere 6.03

      TYAN S7025

      Dual Xeon X5650 2.67ghz

      32 GB triple channel DDR3


      Thanks in advance



      Sergio Rozas



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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          I did a simple test here, and the animated adjustment layers work as expected.  I can get a 600% zoom animated from 100% using the stacked adjustment layers.  If that's not working for you, maybe you could nest the first sequence and then apply an adjustment layer over the nest.


          Still, After Effects is the proper tool for this kind of work.  You may want to consider switching to that, maybe even dynamically linking  your Pr sequences to save time setting up your composition layers.  If decide to do that, try sending the sequences over as cuts-only -- no effects.



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            Sergio_User Level 1

            Hi Jeff, Thanks for your answer.


            I just can´t move the whole movie to afterFX because we are editing at the same time we are noving the camera, and whe have tons of video, motion graphics and all. I doubt I can get real time play like I am having in Premiere.


            It is a tricky project of 90 minutes in just one shot.


            I imagine there must be some kind of problem somewhere in the timeline, which is full of nested stuff and with lots of animation here and there. Probably Premiere just can´t keep up with everything and messes the animation of the second adjustment layer.


            I will try to un-nest all I can, a huge ordeal on itself.


            Does Premiere has any kind of un-nesting command?