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    Number problems

    csb102155 Level 1

      Hi All, I'm having problems with the how the number displays when it is calculated.  For example, 5 x 1% should read as .050.  But instead it reads 5.  How can I get it to display as .050?  I'm sure it's a simple solution, but I've yet to find it.


      Thanks all for your assistance


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          Mandy_Wiesener Level 3



          you could make the following.


          • first field - UserEntryFieldNumber (for example 5) -
            Pattern num{zzzzzzzz9.99}
          • second field - UserEntryFieldProcent (for example 1) -
            Pattern num{zzzzzzzzzzzz9'%'} not using the the standard-%-pattern
          • target field - calculate-event
            this.rawValue = (UserEntryFieldNumber.rawValue*UserEntryFieldProcent.rawValue)/100;


          I work never with the standard procent pattern. It makes never what I want


          I hope it will helps,