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    The target file cannot be created


      I'm trying to output an Adobe Bridge Lightroom Flash gallery.


      I keep getting the following error message ad nauseum.




      The target file cannot be created.

      There are two possible reasons:

      1. Disk space is innsufficient.

      2. The target file path is too long.


      I've never had this happen before.


      I've worked on this file for two weeks, and NEED IT OUTPUTED. It's for a major newspaper regarding HDR photos of Japan's 3.11.11 disaster.


      I cleared out the cache. So it can't be anything like that.

      It's the latest version of Bridge.

      I'm on a new iMac with 2g storage, and 16g memory. Mac Lion. Blah, blah, blah.


      Is there a lame built in limitation on how many photos can be used? I'm using 300 photos. I've had no issues outputting 200 before.

      Setting for view sizes are 800, 800, 75, 100.


      Look, if you DON'T know specifically, don't chime in. I've tried some poor advice which has resulted in having to reorder 300 files, which wasnt fun.


      This is a seriously and timely issue, as the deadline approaches, and I need to get this pathetic problem resolved.


      PS, Adobe Bridge SUCKS!