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    cf builder 2.0.1  has MS SQL 2008 connection error


      when i try to create Apptacular generation   with Mssql 2008  and msAccess  :  on  CfBuilder2.0.1


      An Error has occured.

      Message:Element IDENTITY.IDENTITY is undefined in a CFML structure referenced as part of an expression.



      this issue written on Github by the apptacular app creator, and has some solutions(not clearly described as solution) and app writers solution didnt worked for me...

      I need  correct  solution,  if its possible by correct files?(2 years ago this product was same condition and purchased it 2013 february, its has still same error...)???


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          swmyers Level 1

          I am so glad to see someone else has this very same issue. I really would like to use the extension as it works perfectly with access datasources but I cannot get it to function with SQL 2008 R2.


          I will try with sql 2012 and see if that is of any help with this problem.


          Terrence, where are you??? Could you respond please? We would all appreciate it very much!!

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            martypaz Level 1

            FIX FOR SQL SERVER ONLY!!!


            I wrote this simple script to get the names of all the system views in SQL server - I'm sure M$ add new tables and as Terry appears to no longer develop apptacular he won;t be aware of the new views. Simply run the script and copy and paste the list of views it creates. Instructions will be displayed after running the script........


            <cfdbinfo name="dbi" datasource="yourdatasource" type="Tables">
            <cfquery name="dbi" dbtype="query" >
            select * from dbi where table_type='VIEW'
            Copy the quoted values below and paste them at the bottom of /handlers/cfc/db/datasource.cfc just below the last excludedTableList (About line 455)<br><br>
            excludedTableList = excludedTableList & ",#replace(listQualify(valuelist(dbi.table_name), "'"), ",'", ", '", "all")#";


            Hope it helps