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    CS6 Render Speed Decreases Greatly

    ESylin Level 1

      First my system


      AMD FX8350 Vishera 4Ghz 8 Core processor

      Nvidia GTX860 and enabled in Adobe

      32 Gigs of Ram

      Main Drive is SSD

      Two Secondary drives for scratch and media


      So the problem Im looking at here is really getting to me. I have searched and searched and I can not find a solution. Maybe I'm missing it or searching for the wrong thing. I hope someone here can get me pointed in the right direction, or knows what the issue is.


      I work primarily with Canon XF series cameras and Hero3 Black editions.


      A current project Im working on is pretty basic. A 6 minute video, two clips from the Hero3 1080p 60fps, 1 transition and 1 Title, and some levels correction.



      1. I can't watch the video clips in the preview monitor. The audio continues to play but the video freezes and hangs. Scrubbing is extreamely jumpy.

      2. When I export the video it starts out extreamely slowly, then speeds up for a time, then slows way down again. Watching my CPU and GPU usage, both are hardly being touched. My total render time for a 6 minute video is more than 12 hours. What is the world is going on here?


      Thanks for any help.