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    Is there any way to prevent Pr from seizing the foreground?

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I'm on Mac OS, when I launch Pr, and go back to my email, Pr persists in taking control of my computer and making itself the foreground application, interrupting my work.  It does this even before the Project is completely open; so this can happen two or three times before it's really ready.


      This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING, and I can see little benefit to this behavior.  OK, maybe it would be nice to know when Pr is ready for projects that take a really long time to load.  But, it seems to me that seizing the foreground should be an option in the Preferences.  Many many many more times than not, I don't want Pr interrupting me.


      I have already submitted my Feature Request, but if anybody knows a hack to the app that will stop this, I'd be most grateful to know it.


      Oh, and "You Know Who," I know before you even say it what you're going to suggest:  "Don't run any apps along with Pr."  Thats doesn't cut it.  Because Pr also seizes the FG when I'm working in Ae or Ps, and the CS is designed to have multiple apps opened at once.  Modern OSs are designed for multi-tasking.  We need to have FTP client, email, browser, etc. open all the time to conduct business.  And having two computers isn't in the cards for all users.  But, preventing annoying and mostly useless functions are.