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    Add white canvas to square images based on largest dimension - script?




      I have a bunch of images already on white backgrounds in sizes such as;


      1824 x 3804

      1891 x 5246

      1747 x 5089


      etc.. basically a lot of different random image sizes..


      I need to add white canvas to these images to square them based on their largest dimension.


      For the third example above I can open the image in Fireworks and Modify -> Canvas -> Canvas Size then change the 1747 width to 5089, then I can set Modify -> Canvas -> Canvas Color to 'White'.


      This achieves how I want the image to look, but with the different sizes of images I can't just save and batch these commands on them all.


      How could I do this via batch process please..?


      Is there a script I could create and is this difficult to do?


      I tried doing a couple of commands then pasting them onto the clipboard from history, but coding was never really my strong point!


      Thanks very much in advance!