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    Adding mask to a motion stabilized clip

    Intercostal Level 1

      I have a clip which I motioned stabilized.


      I duplicated the clip and on the duplicated clip I made a mask so I could then do some color corrections on that duplicated layer which would be superimposed over the original clip below it.


      The problem is that the mask(the vector lines etc, not the clip) I created on the duplicated layer moves around as if the motion stabilization applied to the clip in general does not apply to the mask.


      I realize I can solve this by re-rendering the clip in a lossless format and then appling a mask...but why does the mask ignore the stabilization the clip otherwise has applied to it?


      I understand that the mask is only following the clip motion of the "stabilized" clip but is there a way to make the mask stationary within the actual aspect ratio of the composition window and not follow the ever changing motion on the stabilized clip?