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    Authorization at Android Tab

    dhdhdkshycbvluvbmnyd x

      I can't authorize my Android Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab II) to get an EBook.


      The Servicedesk from Lonely Planet (EBook-Seller) advised me to try it with the Android-App "Bluefire Reader". But this does not work.


      How can I authorize my Android Tab? (I have already an Adobe ID)


      Please help me - it is really annoying with Adobe and this RDM-Problem!!!


      Thank you!

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

          I think your ebook seller is correct. Bluefire reader works just fine on any Android Tablet. I checked the same on my Galaxy Tab II and it worked flawlessly.


          What exactly happens when you try to authorize it? Do you get any error message?


          Try rebooting the device and check the same.


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