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    Contact Sheet with metadata

    james_dean1986 Level 1

      Not 100% whether this should go in this group or the scripting group as its not me doing the scripting - but looking at purchasing a script.


      I'm trying to create a contact/index sheet for around 5,000 photographs I have of employees. The photographer inputted all their names into the IPTC Core under the Title field.


      Bridge doesnt export PDF contact sheets with metadata, correct? Tell me if I'm wrong as it would save me a lot of time.


      I believe Bob Stucky created a script that allows you to do this within InDesign. Im currently using CS5.5 and looking to purchase it. I have emailed him but had no response so thought I would ask in here as it has been reccomeded quite a few times.


      Does this script allow me to add that IPTC Core data below each image?