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    Saving a project in Bridge


      How do I save a project in Bridge? I have several projects going at any given time and can not figure out how to save each one so when I open bridge I can select one of those projects to add additional files or edit? Currently it opens to the last project i worked on. not helpful when i need to work on 1 of several projects and end up having to repopulate Site Info for the project since it is treating it as a new project.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Bridge is just a browser so confused as what is "a project".  If you are talking about a grouping of pictures you can save as collection.

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            jdubsf Level 1

            well no. its an application. I can create a presentation or gallery using the application Adobe Bridge just like I can create a document in word or create a png file in fireworks or illustrator. if you mean it is a "file explore" yes it is but it has a tad bit more functionality than a file explorer. I can choose styles, colors etc.. that all hints at application more so than file explorer. so to rephrase my questions. I am working on several projects/presentations/galleries. when one does this there are certain settings to apply that are appropriate for that particular gallery like file path, where the images and wizard code for the presentation will be stored, titles, subtitles, template used etc.. those can be different for any given session that I am using in in context with a particular project.


            project A is in this folder with this title, file location, color selections.

            project B is in this folder with this title, file location, color selections.


            I am working on project A and need to save that session/project and all its parameters and work on project B. I expect to be able to open project B and start working without having to re-populate output fields.


            make sense?


            just like if I am working on a project in illustrator or fireworks, any styles, states, export info, pages are saved so when I return to it that information is stored with the file. therefore I am asking how do I Save those parameters for a particular folder or "project" so that I don't have to be re-entered when I open an existing "project" that I am working on to add more images. make sense? so if said functionality is missing then it sounds like I should post on the suggestions forum and use something a little more robust.

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              Curt Y Level 7

              Sorry I have not responded earlier but was hoping someone else would jump in.  You must be doing a project in Output if you are talking about styles, colors, etc.  I have never needed to use Output so unfamiliar with the programs there.