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    How to call next .swf and close the previous?

    Rick Cesar

      Hi guys,


      i'm having a big trouble using the loadMovie command.


      I want to do a book and at the end of each chapter the next button will appoint to the next .swf ,but the previous has to disappear.


      At moment, i created a empty movieclip named "load" in ALL .flv files ..he stands for all the time line. But when i advance to the next swf, it loads above the previous file, accumulating the files one above the other.


      Here is the AS what i'm using in the last frame of my flv:



      next_btn.onRelease = function(){



      prev_btn.onRelease = function(){





      So.. all i want to do is create a sequence: file 1 calls file 2 and close file 1

      ..and have the option to return to the previous file when i want: in the first frame of the file 2, the previous button will appoint to the file 1.



      Any ideas? Thanks so much