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    RH 7 crashes

    kmaddox1 Level 1
      I "upgraded" to RH 7 this morning and have already crashed the program 4 times doing 3 different things--trying to repair some broken links, trying to generate web help, and trying to copy and paste a "related topics" button between topics. These are all things I did 100s of times on RH6, which seems very stable in comparison to the new product. In fact, I can't remember the last time I crashed RH 6.

      Before I upgrade my help system to RH7, I'd like to get a better sense of what others are experiencing. For those of you who have upgraded, have you found RH7 to be stable? I understand the behind-the-scenes advantages of no kadov tags and like some of the new bells and whistles (though the proliferation of pods and open topics seems kinds annoying), but I can't afford to lose any time or data coping with a less stable program.


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          During the beta there were some crashes reported but nothing of the magnitude you report. They were isolated cases.

          It sounds like something has not gone right with the installation. Before trying the obvious, open one of the sample projects and see what happens with those. On the start page, click Open and on the left click samples.

          If that works OK, then create a new project, if that is not what you are already doing.

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            kmaddox1 Level 1
            Thanks, Peter. Unfortunately, since I'm under the gun to meet a deadline, I am back to using RH6. When I get a chance to come up for air, I'll try reinstalling the software and checking out the samples. Since others aren't reporting similar issues, maybe there's simply some errant codes in my current project that RH6 is accepting but that RH7 doesn't like. Or could I be encountering issues with having both RH6 and RH7 installed concurrently? (I didn't want to uninstall 6 until I was sure 7 would work.)
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I've got 5, 6 and 7 installed so I doubt that is it. RoboWizard has installations going back to the days when RH was installed on a slate!

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                I had so many crashes trying to upgrade projects from RH6 that in the end after 2 days I gave up and decided to create a new project import all the topics and rebuild all the menus, conditionals, variables and output files. No mean feat when I have 400 topics. But it now works OK proving that there was nothing wrong with the htm files its just full of bugs in the upgrade process. Unfortunately I have another 3 larger projects to do. I think its time to look at Flare.

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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                  If a correctly installed version of RH gave these problems, everybody would be having this issue. So either there is an installation problem or there is something in your projects that it should be possible to identify.

                  Why not come to the forum explaining what is going wrong, apart from a vague "crashes" reference so that perhaps someone can help you?

                  I've upgraded 12,000 topics and all went OK.

                  Before I try to help, do you want to resolve the problem?

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                    Linux Rules Level 2
                    I upgraded 488 topics (2,900 files at 120MB project size) with no trouble. In fact, it went quickly - about two to three minutes (WinXP, 1GB RAM, AMD 64 X2 4200).