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    Errors not showing up in InDesign, finding them in print publication

    LittleNewsMan Level 1

      I design a weekly newspaper. Today, and other weeks, we've had what seems to be a sporadic issue where once I finish designing my InDesign document (with no errors in preflight), and send it to our plate maker, the plate is printing a page or more with each line of text cut halfway (see photo).

      For instance, this issue occurred this week on our front page, but I used the same template and same PDF preset as the week before, and last week, there were no issues, nor the week before, or week before.


      My first question is, what might cause the text to print like this on the plate, but not show up as an error in the InDesign document?


      Secondly, we finally worked around the issue this week by exporting the entire document as a .ps file, then converting it to a .pdf. Why would this have made a difference? More importantly, why would the export setting I've used dozens of times before only not work a handfull of times in regard to the text being cut?