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    textframe crashing InDesign...??

    KuddRoww Level 1

      I'm breaking a bunch of documents out of their textframes. I'm basically taking a bunch of objects that have been placed into one textframe and I'm placing them into individual ones. Essentiallly I get the paragraph outlines, and copy the correlative contents into it. There's been a lot of exception handling etc. that I've had to deal with, but for the most part its gone smoothly. Then I stumble into this:


      OS_PopupWindows: InDesign.exe - Application Error

      The instruction at 0x71482357 referenced memory at 0x171d9000. The memory could not be read.


      I feel like that means something is corrupted, but don't really know. The application isn't particularly informative of why it's crashing... I'm sure this means something to a machine. I suppose this is a nice crash in the sense that I get any information at all.


      Is it possible for a single textframe to be somehow "corrupted"? Otherwise any ideas on how this type of thing could happen? Anything at this point would help. Every other document processes fine without crashing InDesign. Ultimately it might be a matter of simply laying it out from scratch...



      A brief summary of some of the testing I've done to try and isolate the problem:


      1) Checked to see if any of the objects were locked and if so I unlocked them.

      2) Tried removing the paragraphs one at a time, I found that a paragraph containing a graphic would crash if I removed it.

      3) If I duplicate the textframe, its duplicate behaves "normally" in the sense I can move it around or remove it without experiencing a crash, however even with a duplicate attempts to remove the original crash the application.

      4) Checked if the textframe was anchored... it's not.