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    Color fill vector masks - odd behavior CS6

    andymator Level 1

      I actually can't figure out What the UI designers were thinking, or if this just got overlooked.


      How I expect it to work:


      I create a fill adjustment layer.

      I create a vector shape and apply it as a mask.

      I have the mask selected, now I draw more on that layer and it continues to draw.


      What actually happens:


      create fill adjustment layer - Hey, starting off strong

      create a vectore shape and apply it as a mask under Layer>vectore mask>current path - different icon, but it seems correct

      I select the path under the Paths tab, since the vector mask doesn't show u next to the layer icon, and attempt to draw more shapes

          -here's where it goes wrong. Instead of drrawing on the path layer I have selected a work path layer is created.


      I can't actually figure out how to draw on the existing path. If you select the paths from the work path, you can copy and paste them into the actual color fill shape path layer. That works.


      Now try the same thing with a different layer. Oh....NOW it works. It actually seems to work with all the other adjustment layers. It just doesn't work with fill.



      What I think is happening:


      Some smarty pants realized that there doesn't really have to be a difference between a shape layer and a fill with a vector mask on it. Yeah, that's true, but you're limiting me to 1 single object on that layer now.


      I really don't think that someone would make a mistake like that, so could someone share the secret of how this works? For now I'm just filling the whole layer and doing it that way instead of fill layers. I don't like not knowing the right way to do something.

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          conroy Level 5

          With the introduction of Ps CS6, a claim was made by Adobe that a Shape layer is now a wonderful special type of layer. Blame the marketing dept, I guess. It didn't take long for us to see through the BS and find that the new Shapes are really the same old Fill layers with vector masks, but with interface changes and the addition of a stroke attribute. Unfortunately, the deception has created a bunch of disruptions to workflow in exchange for no discernable benefit (aside from the useful stroke attribute).


          You can draw the individual Shapes, target the layers then press Cmd+E to merge them into one Shape layer. (In earlier versions, the merge would create a raster layer.)

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            andymator Level 1

            Well marketing needs to keep their nose out of the product and only market it once a design is done. It's probably the same guy who thinks a toaster needs 15 features where toast and bagel is more than sufficient. Defrost? Are you kidding me? Who defrosts a single slice of bread? hahahaha


            Anyway, it's good to know I'm not the only one and that I'm not just being dumb. Thanks for the merging without rasterizing tip as well. It would have taken me quite a while before I found that one out.


            I am fairly certain it's a bug though. So many of the other buttons in that bar lead you to believe you can draw more on the same layer, like new path operations, aligning, and path arrangement. Surely they don't expect those to only be used after you merge layers.

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              conroy Level 5

              I agree that it's odd and inconvenient that we can't draw additional paths inside a Shape layer with tools other than the Pen Tool in Path mode. However, I'm not sure whether it's a bug or deliberate since the whole mess of the "new Shapes" deception is deliberate to some extent.

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                andymator Level 1

                well the default rectangle still ends up on path, but just moves to a working path that you can't even see. So any path newcomer would just think they aren't drawing anything and be frustrated. So whatever you call it, it's just another name for "mistake."