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    Help with H.264 Clip shot on Sony 5N - breaking up within Premiere


      Hello- kind of a complicated set up, but here we go.


      Trying to edit 1080P/60 video shot on Sony 5N in H.264. Those clips were imported to my wife's MBP and re-wrapped into .MOV files but otherwise left alone. Unfortunately, the original source files are no longer with us.


      Moving the .MOV files over to my PC for editing. I have a Sony VAIO laptop with a Core i7 Processor (1.60 Ghz) and 6 GB of ram. My OS is Windows 7. I am editing within Premiere Pro CS6 (Production Premium version) and have updated the software within the past week.


      When I originally tried to look at the clips within the PC, I found that playing the clips with Windows Media Player caused a great deal of corruption in the picture, but that if I played the clips in Quicktime for Windows, they look great. Playing within Premiere gave me the same awful result as WMP.


      I downloaded VLC and installed, which play back the files great. After installing VLC, WMP looks great too. No such luck on Premiere, though, files still corrupt.


      I have shot a quick video demonstrating the issue, it is below.


      I have a feeling that the h.264 codec that Premiere is trying to use isn't going to work with this footage. Is it possible to replace the native codec with whatever one is making it work within VLC?




      Or if the embed doesn't work, here's a link:  http://youtu.be/x7pqu4i5RJU