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    Why doesn't my Bluray navigate properly in Playstation 3?


      I have burned a Bluray using Encore CS6, and when I put it in my Playstation 3, the main menu comes up, but when I press the PLAY button, it just restarts the main menu. When I press SCENE SELECTION, it takes me to the correct Scene menu and shows me my chapters, but when I select one, it restarts me back at the main menu. I have the main menu PLAY button linked to the first chapter in the Timeline/Sequence, and I have all of the Chapter buttons linked to their proper places, and it shows the correct Thumbnail in the little video box next to the Chapter Buttons. If I use the Go To feature on my PS3, and cycle through the "Chapters" (1-6), All chapters except for 5 restart the main menu. Chapter 5 takes me directly to my Special Features Featurette.  There are actually 16 chapters in the Timeline/Sequence. 


      When I insert the disc back into my computer's Bluray drive, it bypasses the Main Menu and begins playing the main Feature, and the chapter locations are all in place when I press Next Chapter.  When I select Top Menu, it takes me to my Main Menu, and if I go to the Chapter Selection, all of the Chapters link properly, as does the PLAY button from the Main Menu, meaning that the links are in fact done properly, as it will Navigate correctly on my computer player, but just not on my Playstation 3. Any thoughts?


      Encore CS6

      Windows 7