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    Cannot display videos within Connect on iPads



          Testing for a 30 iPad deployment. Ultimate goal? display embedded videos within a PPT file. At this time, I'm testing as a presenter on a PC. I have uploaded several of the same video file in different formats (.mov, .avi, .mp4, h.264, .mp3) with 640x480 15 fr settings. When embedded in the PPT, none of these videos will play within the shared document. When I attempt to 'share' the video via the Pod, the iPads display this as "Unsupported Content." What am I missing trying to share these videos within the Pod and, further, is it possible to embed them into the PowerPoint, upload to the Content List, and display them within the Powerpoint presentation? 




      Bill the Cat

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          Adobe connect does not directly support most video formats only mp4 and flv and those also under strict specifications and if you want to share ppt files with enbedded , you need to convert it to swf first that you can do with adobe presenter and about the specifications of videos check this out .

          FLV Specification-: Bitrate-: as low as 300 kbps (kilobits per second) for low quality video, to as high as 8,000 kbps for very high quality video ; Frame Rate-: 29.94 ; The bandwidth required for an uploaded video file depends on the bit rate of thepre-encoded FLV file being streamed and is unaffected by room settings


          MP4 Specification-: Codec – H.264 format ,Dimensions – 880x586 (or around there) ,Frame rate – 29.97 FPS ,Bitrate ~ 500kb

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            robert.hagearty Level 1

            Bill, I don't think Connect will ever play a video inside of a PowerPoint. I have always used a separate layout and play the video from that layout in a Share Pod


            As far as mp4 vs. flv, I think there were several mentions in the old ConnectUsers forum that mp4s didn't work but flvs did (irony?).


            I have not been able get a mp4 to appear on an iPad, but did have an flv play.