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    Premiere Elements 11 Customize Workspace

    LNPato Level 1

      I have recently upgraded from Premiere Elements 9 to Premiere Elements 11, and I do like some of the new features of the layout, however I wish I could customize the layout...


      I like having the preview window be front and center, but I don't like how the Project Assets window stays open & covers it.

      So, is there either A). A way to move the preview screen to the right, or B). Make the Project Assets window auto-close after I have dragged my clip out of it?


      And is there a way to keep the effects & transitions open in their own window/box?


      I know Elements 9 had where you could drag & drop the panels where you wanted...I believe the setting to be able to do this was "show docking headers"...Is this option available in 11?


      And I really dislike how the "Transition Adjustments" box (see image) stays open after I have dragged & dropped a transition where I want! It asks where you want it aligned, but isn't that why I have the ability to drag it to where I want? Or it lets you adjust the duration, but I already have my default duration set in my settings, and I can click & drag the ends of it to adjust...!

      Is there a way to make this box not pop up?


      Any help appreciated! Thanks!




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