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    eps file with spot color is CMYK in sep. preview in Indesign


      Hi all!  This is my first post.  I can usually figure out any issues I have from all the other questions and all of your wonderful knowledgable answers so thank you for that!


      I work as a pre-flight tech. at a university in printing services.  I had an Indesign booklet that I preflighted and we plated/printed it but there's a problem in that something that was supposed to print didn't because it was actually a spot color instead of a process color.  It is an .eps logo that was placed into the Indesign document.  When I preflighted the job in Indesign it didn't come up with any spot colors and it looked fine, but after exporting it for imposition it changed to a spot color.  I have always been able to rely on the separations preview in Indesign to check for spot colors, but this doc. is previewing spot colors as process.  ??  I can open another Indesign doc. and place this same .eps file into it and it previews correctly as the spot color that it really is...but the same .eps file in this particular doc. previews as process.  It must be a setting in Indesign somewhere right?