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    Frosted panel effect...


      First off, what I am trying to achieve is the following:


      - I want to create a frosted panel/window .swf file in Flash that I can import into a Flash based panorama viewer.  An example of the panorama viewer: http://www.utah3d.net/utah-travel/bonneville-salt-flats/salt-flats-1.html


      - Everything below the panel will be blurred, creating that frosted look.


      Is there a way to do this?  The background image/panaorma will be changing, and can also be moved around in the viewer, so I can't simply take a static portion of the image and blur it.  I would need the frosted panel.swf to do the actual blurring effect, much like you could simply change the opacity of a layer and have anything under that layer be effected by the opacity without actually altering it.


      Thanks for any advice!