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    Coldfusion 10: How to troubleshoot WSDL parsing and WSDL Object Errors

    j potts

      I'm working on porting some CF8 code over to a CF10 server, and I've found one of the most frustrating problems is accessing web service methods through a CF web service object. All of this code works reliably on CF8, however, on CF10 it seems each vendor's WSDL produces a different error. I've run into everything from vague Apache Axis 2 errors, to CF not finding the web service method when it is clearly available within the object (checked this using a cfdump), to CF throwing errors when parsing a WSDL generated by CF. Because of the wide range of issues I've encountered, I decided to implement the bare-bones WSDL example found on this page: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusion/10.0/Developing/WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811cbec22c2 4-78a6.html


      The example I'm following may be found under the "Publish a Web Service" section of the article. When I attempt to create a web service object using this CFC I get: "Parsing error: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed. <br> It is recommended that you use a web browser to retrieve and examine the requested WSDL document to ensure it is correct."


      I've run the WSDL through Eclipse's validator without a problem, not sure if this is the best tool for the job, but it found no issues. Ultimately, my point is, no matter how simple the example, I have yet to successfully implement CF10's web service object type.


      Does anyone else have a working example I may use? Has anyone been able to get the example I mentioned working under CF10? Any suggestions?