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    Printer information not compatible


      Elements 11.0

      Win7 Enterprise


      1st Error msg: "The saved printer information is not compatible with this version od Photoshop Elements.... etc"

      Followed by

      2nd Error msg: "There was an error opening your printer. Printing functions will not be available... etc"


      What have I tried?


      Resetting preferences from Edit->Preferences->General   = No effect


      Deleting ..adobe'photoshop elements\11 folder from appdata = No effect


      Enviornment: I'm a long time CS user who has purchased Elements to go on a third PC so that I don't break licensing agreements. This PC is in an office running a Win 7 SOE that is locked down quite tightly (so I have no control over printer drivers) The base SOE is rolled out to over 2000 users. The printer driver concerned is an enterprise-wide Ricoh driver that sends to a 'follow-me' queue. There are many CS5, CS6 and earlier Elements users in the enterprise using this driver without issue - I believe I'm the first Elements 11 user. All other applications (inc Acrobat and Office 10 suite) print without issue. There are no other printer drivers allowed on the machine (big green policy thing here).


      Workaround: Work in Elements, save to TIF, print from Gimp (or any other application). Not a good way to things, much hilarity at my expense from others in the office (mostly Mac users).


      Clearly Elements is being a bit of a drama queen over this. Any idea for a fix?