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    Video Creator >> PowerPoint 2010 >> YouTube?

    John Mulvihill

      Video Creator's two-screen setup is brilliant but it's unrealistic to expect entire movies, even five-minute tutorials, to be authored in a single take.


      My plan was to film 10 - 15 sec "clips" in VC as discrete files, then import them into corresponding slides in PowerPoint. When my "movie" was complete I'd upload it to YouTube.


      The only problem is, it doesn't work. I've tried every option VC and PPT offer, but I can't get VC clips to run in PPT in the YouTube environment.


      Am I missing something? Has somebody found a way to do this?


      Video Creator's twin-screen recording and YouTube were meant for each other. But if PowerPoint can't cut it as a production platform, and Captivate doesn't support twin-screen, is there any recourse other than going to a full-blown A/V production environment?

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          Hi John Mulvihill,

          If I get your question right, you want to create video clips and then import to ppt, then upload the complete movie to youtube. If this movie only comprises of Video creator published mp4 videos, you can join it using some video editting tools. If your movie is a ppt file, with VC published videos present in slides, then you should upload to it to slide sharing sites like slideshare.net or convert the ppt to video (there are tools to achieve it). I never have tried slideshare or ppt2video convertor, so I'm not sure about the performance.

          Alternatively, you can create a ppt with VC videos, and then do a recording of the whole ppt also capturing the video clips that you created earlier.




          Adobe Presenter Engg. Team

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            if you use PowerPoint 2010 or higher, you can also save as directly to the video file format (i think it includes exporting to YouTube).

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              John Mulvihill Level 1

              Thanks for your input. Please see my reply to Vikram, who replied before you, if the discussion is of any interest to you.

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                John Mulvihill Level 1

                Vikram, thanks for taking the time to reply.


                The expectations of today's users are very high when it comes to "how-to" documents. Mainly, they want video. Not just animated screen captures (which I also consider video and so do the users I believe) but actual people's faces.


                Adobe's incorporation of video as manifested in Presenter, Video Creator, and Caprivate, gives us tech writers some tools to meet those expectations. For this I thank you!


                I am a TCS4 subscriber and want to use TCS4 to create free-standing videos for YouTube product demos, as well as context-sensitive help topics that contain links to video -- either animated screen capture or a person talking to the cam.


                That last element, the "host" in a hosted video, is known by my colleagues in training to be a huge motivator for the end user to engage with the content and retain what they learn. Humans learn best when they have the opportunity to copy what another human is doing. This is a far more effective paradigm than requiring the user to decipher numbered steps.


                Video Creator's dual panes, one with host, is ideal for my purposes. I am determined to find a way to make it work with YouTube. (And there is no substitute for YouTube.)


                When I embed VC clips in PPT slides, they run okay from the application and when exported as a PC-based video. But when uploaded to YouTube, the embedded videos won't play. And more fundamentally, PPT is not a video production app. Which means that even if your last suggestion worked, I would be seriously limited in my post-production capabilities.


                What I should be doing is working in an environment where anything is possible: an audio/video production application with unlimited postproduction possibilities. Then, I will be able to import clips from VC, PPT, and Captivate, and intersperse them with interview video of the host and other transitional content. (I have taken a video camera operator course and have a mobile one-person video creation hardware kit, including lighting and boom mic.)


                What you at Adobe have done is give me the tools to create hosted foundation video and animated screen captures. But TCS4 does not contain the video authoring application I'm going to require to weave the many clips into a seamless, professional production that will play in YouTube.


                Please let me know if you have contrasting ideas. This is new ground for all of us.