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    Gallery script help, please

      Gallery script help, please

      I'm new to actionscript in general, I do know a little...

      I foung a gallery script, modified many things, the images open fine, everything is working, but here's the thing:

      the gallery is in 3 sections, red, blue and yellow.

      I would like to know how, what, and where to put a script so that if a "the small red image #1" is clicked, I can load any sort of a movie on top of the "the BIG red image #1" or #2 or 3 and so on...same goes for the blue and yellow...

      If I figured things correctly on my own...the small thumbnail images of the gallery are not buttons, that's why I can't attach a movie (let's say) to them...but it is all written in script, using the horizontal and vertical position of the mouse to open the large images of the gallery...

      So, I don't know how to figure things out, to attach a specific movie to a specific thumbnail...

      p.s.: I think the script that controls the gallery is in symbol 120

      I really would appreciate the help
      Merry Christmas in advance to everyone

      here are all the files...