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    Controlling behaviours in CS5 Dreamweaver

    KSerdakowski Level 1


      I have already asked the question about this issue several weeks ago and got some reply from Nancy O. I've tried my best to solve my problem , according to her advices but I've failed!


      My problem is:


      I need to open many new browser windows within my website and while developping it, few years ago, I used Dreamweaver CS5 behaviour: "Open Browser Window". Everything is working fine except one feature: Clicking link the new window opens but the original page (this containing clicked link) reloads which is bad for me. I need to keep the original page in the same position where  it was while link was clicked.


      Nancy O. suggested to use JQuery FancyBox and I tried it, but my web site contain about 30 pages with many links to open new window in each and I cannot afford by now to rewrite my entire web site.


      Please help mi to solve this issue!


      Here is the URL of one o the pages of my website: http://www.szaser.com/Rod_Kozlakowskich.html

      Do not be afraid it is in Polish!


      Thanks to all in advance


      Christophe Serdakowski

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          Ken Binney Level 6

          I cannot afford by now to rewrite my entire web site.

          Well then you you can not solve it.

          That is the way "open new browser windw" behavior works

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            KSerdakowski Level 1

            Hello Ken,


            Thank you for your reply, but are you sure there is no solution for my problem?

            What about the function used by DW behaviors?


            function MM_openBrWindow( theURL,winName,features) { //v2.0

            window.open(the URL,windowName,features);}


            I saw several solutions on the web searching with Google for function MM_... argument, but they did not work for me. Maybe I did not use the proper parameters; I am not very good writing the Javascript?

            I think the solution lays in "features" and I keep trying but to no avail until now. Maybe I should neme my windows and use somehow windowName parameter? Sofar I did not name my windows.


            Before I start rewriting my entire site I try to check all posibilities to solve my problem quickly.


            Sorry to bother you!


            Christophe Serdakowski

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There is a way you can fix your issue, it will require hand coding.


              You can add a return false to your onclick events, like this...


              <a href="#" onclick="MM_openBrWindow('new-window.html','window-name','width=500,height=500'); return false;">Your  Link Here</a>


              That "should" keep the opener page from shifting back to the top when the window.open link is clicked..

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                mhollis55 Level 4

                Christofe your answer lies in JavaScript and in Dreamweaver's excellent replace function.


                Add the following code to the <head> area of all pages where you need to open something in a new window:

                <script type="text/javascript">

                function OpenNewWindow(bigurl, width, height)


                    var newWindow = window.open("", "pictureViewer",

                        "location=no, directories=no, fullscreen=no, " +

                        "menubar=no, status=no, toolbar=no, width=" +

                        width + ", height=" + height + ", scrollbars=no");


                    newWindow.document.writeln("<body style='margin: 0 0 0 0;'>");

                    newWindow.document.writeln("<a href='javascript:window.close();'>");

                    newWindow.document.writeln("<img src='" + bigurl +

                       "' alt='Click to close' id='bigImage'/>");






                Now, anything you need to open in a new window, you can use the following JavaScript function:

                <a href="#" onclick="OpenNewWindow('images/bigpicture.jpg', 500, 500); return true;">

                   <img src="images/smallpicture.jpg" alt="Click..."/>



                You can format it for any size, I have it set for 500x500 pixels squre.


                You can also change the newWindow.document.writeln statements to include everything from text, headers, footers and so on.


                I would also mention that it's probably time for a redesign of your website anyway. Your drop-down menus cover other menus. And I would create a master page and make that a Dreamweaver Template, that way your "embiggerizor" JavaScript code can be put into all pages by default.

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                  KSerdakowski Level 1

                  Hello Jon,


                  Thank you very, very much!!!! Its work as I wanted! My problem is solved and that in so simple way! I knew it should be simple but was unable to find the right script. Now I can continue to use my present my web site and slowly rewrite (or redesign) it as suggested by mhollis55!


                  Hello mhollis55,


                  I will try also your script but Jon Fritz II solved my headache so well that I will use his trick for the time being!


                  Thanks for all of you for the help.