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    Hate Software that 'Goes Away' Need to change to Premiere?

    Ken Nielsen Level 1

      I have cut my teeth on Apple's Final Cut Express and thought it would be fine for my simpler needs for the rest of my career life, but now, Final Cut Express has been 'ended' by Apple and the X version of Final Cut Pro sounds like a mess that not many are happy with. I think it's time to change as my old version (4.01) of Final Cut works with Mounttain Lion but I doubt if it will continue to work with future upgrades to the Mac OS. Enter Premiere, which has been around for years and promises to be around for years more. I think I will just add it to my Suite of Adobe products I already use and be done with it. My questions are simply: How is it to work with? Is the community here good to help me make the changeover? That is about all, oh, I would like a recommendation of a good printed reference manual that covers the product in clean academic style and provides a good table of contents reference to all known features. That's about it, Any comments for me, as a newbie to this product, are very welcome.