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    adobe  encore cs6 with no audio

    Dane Hupp

      If i open up a sequence or dynamic link a sequence to encore, I donnot get audio although I see the audio track in the timeline.  If I import a rendered mp4, I get the audio or if I import a vidoe file directly from my canon xa10, I hear the audio.  No idea what to do

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do not use Dynamic Link




          Encoding notes http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1094516


          Export as appropriate (DVD or BluRay) from PPro and import the file(s) into Encore

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            John, those links deal with Encore freezing due mostly to hardware issues.  Dynamic Link is a viable option and I've used it successfully many times. 


            @Dane: Is the source audio AC3?  Is the sequence a long one?  Did you give the audio a chance to conform in Encore before trying to listen?  If you've given En several minutes to conform the audio, and you still can't hear it, then John's advice to skip Dynamic Link and instead export from Pr is a good workaround if you don't want to take the time to do any more troubleshooting.  Just be aware that you lose the flexibility of making changes in Pr and having them show up immediately in En if you decide not to use Dynamic Link.



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              Even though I bring in audio and video appropriate to DVD or Blu-Ray and am not using Dynamic Links, I too am having this problem.


              Sound plays fine in all the other programs I use, including Premiere Pro, it often will not play in Encore. Once it stops playing audio, if I close and reopen Encore several times, eventually audio will begin playing through again, but often I give up after 6 to 10 reboots.


              Anyone have any idea what might happening. It is nearly impossible to synchronize subtitles without the sound.



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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                More details needed... Windows or Mac... Encore version... what kind of files and what are the details?

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                  "JP" Level 1

                  Sorry about that...


                  Encore version - CS6 []
                  Mac Pro, Dual 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 28 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM
                  OSx [10.8.5], ATI Radeon HD 5770 w/ 1024 MB.


                  I provide the video files types because you asked, but the audio in all these file plays flawlessly in the OS and every other program on the comuter that is supposed to play sound. Encore is the only program that has this mysterous "can't hear the audio" problem.


                  Also even in Encore I can play audio at some times,but not at other times. I make NO changes to Encore Preferences. All of the sudden we cannot hear the audio in files that Encore was playing just a moment before. Then suddenly without warning the sound is playing through the speakers again. This only happens when playing audio in Encore. If Encore is running and switch to a different program, such as Premiere Pro or Sound Booth, the sound plays flawlessly through that program.


                  Video files - 1 - 5 min (w/ subtitle track);  1 - 30 min (w/ subtitle track); 1 - 3 min

                  All encoded using unmodified "MPEG2 Blu-ray" AME preset invoked thru Premiere Pro and queued in AME (each video imported into Encore as one M2V and one wav file).


                  Menus created in Photoshop CS6 and previously used with success to produce a DVD.


                  Is that enough?


                  Thanks, JP

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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    This is not normal behavior for Encore.


                    Have you used it before without this audio issue?


                    Create a new project. Import  3 or 5 minute m2v/wav pair "as timeline." Add nothing else. Check the progress tab to ensure that it shows no activity. (It won't always anyway.) No computer activity? Do you see the issue?

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                      HarleyTDavis Level 2

                      This has been a running issue for everybody who has ever tried to burn a bluray by adjusting the presets... ...Make sure you transcode first, and make sure you fit your audio into the following setup (as described by the bluray standard):

                      Bluray "Supports" only those configs for video used in main concept, and if you use any other type of config, you won't get audio with it, you'll have to encode yourself and import

                      To get dynamic link to recognize audio, you'll need to conform to:  48khz max, at 256-448kbps, and 16bits


                      Got this from some forum... ...cant remember which:

                      "I've been absolutely unable to get anything beyond those specs to work.  If you can MUX them together, you might get the right combo, but you'll have to use AAC audio.  If you have an encoder that will produce an audio stream in AAC and a video stream that is a raw .264 file, you can use the 264 as a transcode in cs6, but you'll have to import the audio as an asset and apply it to the track.  Then, when the video is built, you'll get a muxed audio and video.  It doesn't always work.  I've had it fail a few times.  But when it works you get high quality audio.  If you want a straight burn, stick to 48k, 16bit, pcm and let encore send the transcode to AME.  Make sure you leave encore running, as it will facilitate the dynamic link in tying the audio output in with the video when it ties the transcode to a sequence from premiere.  It will probably not play sound in encore, but it will play the sound on a blu-ray.  If you have to locate the transcode, it will fail to get sound as it only seeks the video file, and you'll have to encode audio separately, placing it on a track in encore.  This means coding it to AAC and praying you get the sync right.  If you don't want to worry about the sync, make sure to fill any blank audio areas in the premiere sequence with silence, that way the length of the audio will match that of the video, and it will synchronize perfectly."


                      I'll try this myself and let you know...  Fingers crossed.

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                        HarleyTDavis Level 2

                        Okay, an update for you...

                        I've encountered the no audio problem with dynamic link.  Went through every fix... ...none worked.  Examined every fix...  Why clean the cache?  Checked the cache, and found video files (premiere cache).  Played them.  Worked fine, but slowed and froze occasionally, to buffer I would assume... ...checked my project.  Checked all my menus in encore and in premiere (the program menus; not movie menus).  Came to a question for ya... ...Why is there an option to render audio in premiere?  I checked older projects that worked.  Audio was all one, no clipping or effects, just straight through.  I also noticed in their cache files... ...there were audio preview files.  Just audio no video.  Opened my current project cache, no audio previews, opened videos in vlc, checked metadata, and found lists of the sound files... ...not one stream but multiple streams with timecode start end...  It referenced the audio files in the video preview.  I opened old project cache, opened video in vlc, same list, but smaller, one file... ...the audio in the cache.  AWESOME SAUCE!!!  Why?  I now can take a shot in the dark with a flashlight pointing at the target.  The preview files use references to audio.  The XML of the project files uses file references much the same way.  This leads me to think that Encore, which has issues playing multiple audio\video on one timeline, doesn't do so because the timeline itself cannot play multiple sources.  What does this mean for Encore?  It wasn't designed for meshing video together.  It needs a single file reference for audio, and a single file reference for video for each individual timeline.  I'm giving this a try.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  I thought I'd pass along this little bit of info, and see if anybody else found the same thing.