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    Still images are scrunchy .. or pixelated


      HI .. I have adobe premier elements 11, Windows 7.


      I am having trouble with scruchy/oversharpened images ... I have tried bring them in as small size 72dpi then read they will be upscaled if too small.  I then read that the frame size could be 4000 pixels .. so did that same result..


      The still images come in and look good .. as soon as I hit play they seem to just oversharped really badly ! .. so I then hit render .. and the problem doesn't get any better .. just scrunchy really horrible stills ..


      Google searches and adobe searches haven't proved helpful as I still can' get lovely sharp stills to put into my video


      Can anyone offer any suggestions ?




      I think I posted this in FAQ discussions which looks like the wrong place this seems more active ..