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    Indesign going wrong when inserting a page

    garethirwin1234 Level 1

      HI, this is an unusual issue I have never encounters.


      I have A4 pages set up as facing in landscape mode and have created a document. However I have decided I need to insert a page towards the top of the document, when I do so all the master page elements of the right hand spread move over by around one third of the page.


      I cannot fathom why its doing this, if I remove the page or add two it corrects itself. There is no text wraps or anythign strange in the masters, just two simple images and page numbers etc.


      Any ideas? I tried reapplying the right hand master but it says its a custom page size and I can either apply the new size or sticvk with the current.


      This document was orginally in portrait but changed to landscape which I suspect is involved, but I don't understand that even though the master page is clearly a landscape it thinks its a portait?