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    Insert or Stamp Filename


      I have adobe acrobat 8. I want to insert or stamp the file name to the pdf. I have approximately 400 files to stamp with the individual file names so I would like to do it automatically. All help appreciated.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have Acrobat Pro? If so then you can do it with a batch process.

          Read about the addWatermarkFromText method to see how it should be implemented on a single file, and then add that command to a batch process and run it on all of the files.

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            gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Do you want to use an annotation stamp, print only if printing set to print annotations, or have a field with the file name?


            Do you want the printed file name to change if the PD is renamed?


            Do you want the file mane visible at all times or only when printed?


            I would look at adding a form field and then using the "Will print" action to insert the file name before printing. This can be accomplished with JavaScript and that script could be added as a button for processing the open PDF or run as a Batch Process or Action with Acrobat Professional.


            The use of the field method could also provide the date or time the PDF was printed.

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              matthelme Level 1

              Thanks for your help. I do have acrobat pro and having had a play about following my post realised the stamp was not the way to go. I then stumbled across a similar post where there was a reply with addwatermarkfromtext javascript for a batch process. I copied this, adjusted where I wanted the watermark to appear on the page and it worked a treat.


              Thanks again,



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                gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                That will not work with Reader.


                I would also flatten the PDF to make the water mark part of the PDF context.

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                  Hey Matt,


                  You're in luck! I've been looking to do the same thing so I've been trawling through these forums and found the answer (in bits), and I've just spent the last few hours sticking them all together in a nice tutorial on my blog.


                  Here's the link - it shows you how to add a batch sequence to add the file name. It's pretty easy to follow and you should be up and running with it in no more than about 5 minutes.






                  P.S. I reckon stamping 400 files will take you about 30-40 seconds! (Let me know how close I am - I'm interested as I have about 1700 drawings to do)

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                    saintjohnny Level 1

                    For googlers who find this thread down the road:



                    I made a tool to batch stamp PDF filenames.  You can get it here:






                    I've also added so that you can also stamp prefix/suffix before and after the filename, as well as stamp custom text ignoring filenames, and change the height of the stamp to go on the top of the page as a header if needed.  Since this isn't a true footer/header, it retains the information when combining PDFs later on which is a plus. 

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                      gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      If the user wants the current location of the PDF a stamp will not update as the PDF is moved to different directories or locations.