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    How do I strip HTML tags from list?

    Hans Holema

      Hi I just started using Flash Builder

      I have a MySQL database that I connect to through PHP (from a sample generated file)

      In the field that I'm showing in the list, are HTML tags that I don't want to show up in the list (by stripping them) or otherwise render as HTML...

      How can I get those out?

      In PHP I would use strip_tags but I can't seem to include that in the generated php file.

      Is there a method in FlashBuilder that I can use to get rid of the tags, or indeed use the HTML tags, that include stuff like <strong> to render?


      the list uses:

      <s:AsyncListView list="{getAllJobsResult.lastResult }"/>


      I hoped I could do something like:

      list="{getAllJobsResult.lastResult.htmlText } so as to include a htmlText method but that apparently does not work...


      Can anyone please give me pointers??


      Thanks in advance