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    Quick selection tool elements 11


      When I use the quick selection tool it puts 2 dotted lines around the selection about 1/16" apart why,and the lasso tool puts the area any where but where I tried the lasso.This is the first time I have used elements 11 (on a Mac)what am I doing wrong.any advice would be most welcome.

      Regards Ray

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Click in the tools pallet and select your tool, then go to the Tool Options bar at the bottom of the workspace. Click on the dropdown list to the right and choose Reset Tool.



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            Barbara B. Level 7

            The dotted lines indicate what you're selecting. For the lasso tool, make sure you have the regular lasso tool. There are three different lassos: the regular lasso (should put outline where you drag), the magnetic lasso (anchor points snap to the nearest object edge in your image), and the polygonal lasso (only draws straight segments).


            EDIT If you don't like what the Quick Select tool selects, try the plain selection brush (in the tool options when the quick select tool is active--see the left end of the tool options to find it), which only selects the area directly under the brush.