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    Inner Glow


      Hello people, as the title suggest i need your help with "Inner Glow", i've already tried many things but the best that i could obtain it's this:




      but i need to make something like this:





      to me it looks more like a gradient inside the letters, and i would like to know how to reach this result in Illustrator, thanks in advance for any help!

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          OldBob1957 Level 4

          I don't think that's an Inner Glow. It looks like they took a font similar to below, with inner shapes (or they created the inner shapes), then they filled the base letters with one color, and the inner shapes with a linear gradient.



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            MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I never use inner glow, not enough contorl, use feather instead.


            Once you get used to appearance stacks you can create most anything. Roughly


            Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 10.35.04 AM.png

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              BurakkuRōtasu Level 1

              First of all thanks for the replies and for the help.


              @Mike Gondek thank you very much for your suggestions, i tried with Feather but i didn't get the result that i wanted, so thanks to your screenshot i figured out that you made that effect with an extra Fill Gradient and Offset Path, it's the first time that i use Offset Path, and i'm really glad that you answered me, so now i discovered it;  anyways this is what i get with another Fill Gradient plus the Offset Path effect:







              as you can see into the red circle it remains a small part of the offset path that i don't want to show ( this happens cause i used a lighter pantone compared to the "background fill" for showing the tips of the curves ) and by the way sorry for my ignorance, but since english is not my mother language as you notice from my grammar errors, i wonder what Miter Limit stands for? i mean i tried to increasing and decreasing it without any result.


              Anyhow if i reduce a little bit more the Offset that small part disappear but the curve it becomes a bit thinner, there's a way to remove that "unwanted small part" without reducing the width of the curves? Does the Offset Path depends also by the used font? cause i tried without bolding the font and i was getting a thinner Offset Path.





              sorry for the many questions, i hope i didn't bother too much with all this stuff, thanks in advance.

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                Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Expand Appearence on the offset path creates a path independent of the original, bits of which you can then just delete, like your unwanted lower bit.