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    After Effects CS6 interface very slow and causing weird things happening

    Motoko Films

      Hi all,


      Since upgrading from AE CS3 to CS6, I noticed that the interface is much slower in CS6 than in CS3.

      Specifically, when working in the timeline window, like renaming layers, or even just clicking just a layer, it takes up to multiple seconds before the action is actually applied.

      When I move my mouse within that delay period, unexpected results happen, eg accidently a layer is moved up or down.


      It seems that AE still thinks I hold and drag something, while that's not the case.

      Or that the mouse down - mouse up registration is delayed, AE thinks I'm still holding the left mouse button. Not very good.


      Very frustrating because at first I didn't even notice a layer was moved. When going back to CS3 it's a relief to work with.


      Note that I'm not talking about render times of the preview, I know when to wait.

      But I expect the interface to respond within reasonable times. Clicking a layer should actually highlight it within less than a second, not multiple seconds.