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    With a document open password - is there a way to ask only once per session?


      Here's my scenario:  User is reading a "password to open" document that contains links to other web pages, etc.  The user clicks on a link, goes to the new page, then uses the back button/back key to return to the password protected document, where they must type in the password to open again, and must do this every time they click a link then later attempt to return to the document. 


      Is there a way around the repeated retyping / reentering / rekeying the password?  (My guess is no, but I'll ask anyway).  The user did type in their password, most of the time just a minute or two earlier, before they clicked on the link in the password protected document. 


      P.S. I have a couple other questions, indirectly related (byproducts) to this general topic.  I'll post those in their appropriate forum, then edit this post with links to those posts.  FYI, the other posts are/will be:


      • Is there a better way than manually adjusting each and every link in a document to use javascript and repeating that process each time the document is updated, to make links open in new windows, (when viewing a pdf from within a browser window).  [Edit:  here's that link:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5055202#5055202 ]
      • Is there a way from an html page or from something within a PDF document (at the discretion of the document's author) to open a pdf in the acrobat reader window instead of in the browser, without asking each user to change their reader settings?  [Edit:  I ended up asking this question in the same post listed above]