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    Previous /Next Day

    weezerboy Level 1

      I have a page where the day and date is displayed like this.



         < Previous Day      -  Wednesday January  23, 2013   >    Next Day



      How do I make it so when the userclicks on < Previous Day    link that they go to Tuesday January  22, 2013 and when they lick on > Next Day they go to Thursday January  24, 2013  etc?

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          Make them links with url variables.

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            weezerboy Level 1

            Yes. What would the links be?

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              BreakawayPaul Level 2

              It's tough to provide good answers when we don't know all the details.  Are you passing these pages to a database to pull info for that day?  Do you just need a date selector?


              I threw this together in a few minutes (and I'm sure it looks it!)

              <cfset somedate = [date of whatever your current page is]>

              <cfset yesterday = dateadd("d",-1,somedate)>

              <cfset tomorrow = dateadd("d",1,somedate)>

              <cfoutput><a href="page.cfm?date=#dateformat(yesterday,"yyyymmdd")#">&lt; Previous Day</a> - #dateformat(somedate,"mmmm dd, yyyy")# - <a href="page.cfm?date=#dateformat(tomorrow,"yyyymmdd")#">Next Day &gt;</a></cfoutput>


              But "somedate" would have to come from somewhere.  Your database?  Hard to know without some more info.