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    Arrow key problem

    roy-in-richmond Level 1

      I have a class of students using Edge Animate and we've noticed that for the majority of them, the arrow keys on their max laptops are disfunctional in the program. There are two problems: the up and down arrow keys both move the element downward (similar problem with left and right going only right), and the increment of the move is 5-10 pixels. On my laptop and desk computer they work as expected.


      Anyone else run into this? Any solutions available?

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          roy-in-richmond Level 1

          A bit more info on my original post:


          The students all have Mac laptops, except one who has a PC. Most of the Mac users AND the PC user have this problem. I have the exact same laptop and operatings system as several of the students and my arrows work just as one would expect.


          We found the keyboard settings panel and there is no difference between what we see on the working and non-working machines' arrow key settings.


          This is strange!

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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hi, Roy-


            Moving 5-10 px is the default behavior if the user is depressing the shift key.  I'd be curious to see what the behavior is for your laptops if you press the shift key - can you get your students to try that out?


            That being said, we do test on a wide array of Mac laptops and have never seen that problem on our systems.





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              roy-in-richmond Level 1



              I was wondering if a caps lock was somehow playing a role, but I did look

              at one of the student's machines and it did not seem to be turned on. Of

              course, the really strange thing is that the arrow keys only allow elements

              to move right and down (as I said earlier, the up and down arrow keys both

              move the element down and the left-right keys move only to the right!).


              What's very odd, is that of the 17 students, this problem is happening to

              more than a dozen of them (and on the only Windows PC in the class). It's