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    HELP! Gradient overlay not working. Gradient Overlay has stopped working! Why?




      First off if i apologise if i am in the wrong place/not posting correctly etc. It's my first time posting in this forum. I am havign an issue at work. I have always used the layer style - gradient overlay to make my 'buttons' for e-shots/newsletters. But yesterday it just stopped working. Below is a screen shot to try demonstrate clearly what I mean -
      Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 16.10.43.png



      As you can see, the button on the composition should have a gradiant of orange and blue (not the actual colours im using - was just a gradual red -? dark red - but for clarity in the image i picked this default gradient).


      I've tried resetting to default, i've looked at an old photoshop folder with a gradient overlay and made sure alll the setting are the same. I've tried making the actual button object different sizes but nothing works. (When i make it larger, it does eventually show the blue, but as soon as i *apply*, it goes to flat orange again)



      Anyone have any help atall please? Like i said it's been doing this since yesterday - This is a very basic thing that I need to be able to do for my job - flat colours for a button look rubbish!


      Oh i'm using photoshop cs5 on a mac incase thats important


      Thanks in advance



      edit: i uninstalled photoshop cs5 and reinstalled it and it didnt change anything.