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    CFMX7 and Java6


      I've long had CFMX7 generally working with Java6 on Ubuntu 12.04. However, the CFIDE has been problematic. I get the error

      500 coldfusion.runtime.CFPage.SetEncoding(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)V


      Which seems to be a bit of a classic. Sounds like something in the CFIDE application is trying to call a function in an obsolete manner.


      I would hazard a guess that this is not supported, but I wondered - has anyone managed to get this combination running?


      Further clarification:


      I've now tried downgrading to java 1.4.2 and it still doesn't work - so must be something other than the JRE that's causing the problem.


      Other installations (on older versions of Ubuntu)  are on 1.6.0 and all works