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    Newbie needs blinking cursor

    gvoth Level 1
      I need a blinking cursor for password entry. I made my various images in Photoshop, exported as .png files to keep my transparency intact and re-assembled the files in Flash CS3 on separate layers. I have 6 different Scenes and have the scenes playing and pausing properly - thought I have a bunch of errors, the projectors play properly on both Mac and PC. My actions are done in AS 1 and 2, since I don't know the difference in those versions and AS 3...

      My first Scene is of a password entry. I have the text set in Photoshop and am just exposing it letter by letter by using a mask layer. Is there a way for me to add a blinking cursor throughout the password entry that jumps between letters as I move my mask layer?

      Remember, I'm a newbie at this stuff.