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    InDesign becomes unresponsive when editing text off the network. Techs are flummoxed!

    tobyhawksmoor Level 1

      Recently my InDesign (CS6 running on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, 8gb ram) has become almost totally unresponsive when I go to open and edit a file off the company network. Our techs have no idea what is going on and are considering having to re-build my profile as a last resort as we have tried everything else.


      A bit more of a descriptoin of the problem: When I go to edit an InDesign file off the server it first takes longer than normal to load but eventually does. You can scroll up and down the pages, move and resize boxes, place new pictures but as soon as you try to do anything text based (edit new text or make a new text box) the whole program freezes to the point you have to task manager out and kill it. It is not a corupt file because if I copy the file directory with all links over on to my computers local hard disk the file works totally fine it is only when editing over the network and when edouble clicking to edit text.


      What we have done to try and fix the problem:


      • Reinstal InDesign - No effect
      • Cleared the preferences (shift + ctrl + alt + windows key on InDesign startup) - No effect


      Our techs have tried editing my profile registry to no avail and we are all compleatly at a loss to what is going on. There are several other instances of the program across the company (mainly versions 5.5 and one other 6) and they all work fine editing files straight off the network.


      Anyone have any idea what it could be, such a specific problem being only when it is editing text based areas? The techs dont want to have to re-build my profile as it is a lot of back end work to do to be able to re-instate it straight away.


      Many thanks in advance for any insights into the issue