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    Using Multilingual font for Indesign to Word doc


      HI, my mac (10.7.5)  Indesign CS4 layout will need to be converted to a Word doc for a client on a pc. I need to order a bold version of a font from Paratype foundry. I thought I"d order the Opentype verison of the Western version of the font ( they have a bold of Bitstreams Engravers Gothic) because I know Opentype would work on both platforms.


      However, they only offer Multilingual version in Opentype, and as I've never bought/needed a font like this, I'm concerned about everything working properly. My other option is to buy the mac PS version and have client buy the pc PS version, and then assume everything will convert and be the same on both platforms. ( OR I get mac PS and client buys pc TT).


      any advice would be appreciated.