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    Need help accessing .net methods


      I am trying ot setup a CF10 server on a 64 bit machine. We use ABCpdf for creating pdfs. On the old CF8, 32 bit machine, we were able to instantiate a com object and use it. However, due to issues with 64bit and  com objects I decided to use the newest vewrsion which uses .NET. The following is my code,. If I do a CF dump it shows me the methods of the dll but also shows an error


      Application Exception - in E : line -1

               Could not find the DotNet class.


      If I do not include the cfdump, no error.


      That may be a root issue, but my main issue is trying to figure out how to access the methods once I establish the connection to the dll.


      here is my code:


      <cfobject type=".NET" name="theDoc" action="create" class="WebSupergoo.ABCpdf9.Doc" assembly="C:\Program Files\WebSupergoo\ABCpdf .NET 9.0 x64\Common\ABCpdf.dll" />


      I have tried various ways to access the methods that SHOULD be exposed but cannot, some ways i try give me a message that the 'Method is not available', other routes I take give me another 'Could not find the DotNet class' message.


      Any help would be appreciated!