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    Encoding problems with index panel

    Louisa_de Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      I'm using RoboHelp 9 and I'm working on a project in Arabic. Yes, I know, sore subject when it comes to CHM files.


      I managed to produce a fairly decent CHM with one exception: the index panel. Major encoding problem. Lines after lines of questionmarks.


      I'm not expecting anybody to have a solution for this encoding problem (although I'd dance for joy if somebody had an idea) but is there maybe a way that I can get rid off the index panel alltogether and just have the TOC and the Search panel?

      HTML help is not an option I'm afraid, we need context-sensitive help texts inside the product etc..


      As it is, this is probably the last project we're handling with RoboHelp or even Adobe. Shame, been using it since RH5.


      I'm very much looking foward to hearing your suggestions.


      Thank you very much in advance!