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    Why does the source monitor keep a history of clips?

    Elliott B. Level 1

      I'm coming to Premiere from a background in FCP7.  I find it strange that Premiere's source monitor keeps a history of all the clips you've previously loaded.  Why does it do this, and is there any way to disable it?  I'm used to FCP, where loading a new clip completely wipes out whatever was in the source monitor before. 

      The reason I noticed this is when working with multi-cam sequences.  Example:  I play a multi-clip sequence in the source monitor.  Later, I add a new angle to it.  Next time I play it in the source monitor, the new angle isn't there.  I must 'close' and re-open it in the source monitor to see the change.  This is disturbing, especially since it doesn't even give a warning that "what you are watching does not accurately reflect the timeline"